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"Dedicated to Understanding Clients and Following Through With Good Advice" - Attorney Daniel C. Perri

When you work with the Law Office of Daniel C. Perri in Shalimar, Florida, they know it is their responsibility to help you make informed legal decisions regarding your personal assets, your business and your life choices. It is a responsibility they take very seriously. At the same time, every effort is made to get to know you, to learn about your business or personal estate planning goals and address your concerns. By combining knowledgeable legal services with a personal touch, they can provide the kind of solid legal counsel that will best meet your needs.

Individuals with legal matters in the areas of taxation, estate planning, business law or real estate are invited to contact the firm at 850-200-0268 for a professional consultation.

Providing a Confidential Atmosphere

Your private matters deserve the highest degree of confidentiality. Attorney Daniel C. Perri and his associates know that your confidence must be earned. Because they like to develop long-term relationships with their clients, the Law Office of Daniel C. Perri creates an atmosphere in which clients can speak freely, secure in the knowledge that the trusted staff is committed to quiet, professional legal services of the highest quality.

Broad Backgrounds and Diverse Experiences

Mr. Perri has been practicing law since 1971, and has acquired a wide array of knowledge and experience through his many years as a lawyer. With their backgrounds in real estate, business and other ventures, his associates, paralegals and staff also bring their own wealth of experience when helping you meet your financial, personal or business goals. While experience is obviously important, the Law Office of Daniel C. Perri has maintained the ability to approach clients' legal needs with a "fresh eye."

Contact a Law Firm Committed to Serving Your Needs

To schedule a private consultation or for more information on the legal services provided by the Law Office of Daniel C. Perri, contact them by e-mail or call 850-200-0268 locally or toll free at 888-339-8914.